We are living in a world of Digital Era empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are getting information over our smartphone  related to things and events that we had thought last evening. But how faster the AI may be in executing and providing an accurate as well as unbiased information, still it seems to be failing before Human Intelligence. It’s simply because, Human Intelligence is God’s creation and AI is created by we humans. That’s why we need a human touch in every phase of our life amidst those AI run machines.

Sometimes we desperately need father’s advice, mother’s unconditional love, sibling’s care, friend’s proximity and a blissful solace from our soulmate. But the complex lifestyle, hectic work hours and busy schedules stands between us. How successful may we be in our respective professional lives, we may be constantly failing to understand the simplest tricks in maintaining and saving our personal life and relationships.

This forced us to begin a platform, where we can share love, kindness, friendship and help the world in living a stress free life. The tagline of our platform is: love life, live life… And we are here to care for lifestyles, relationships and wellness in humanity.

We hope coolrishtey.com will serve this purpose of connecting people, their lives as well as relationships. We want to go a long way with you…

Have a wonderful and cool long term stay with us…

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