Rainy season provides a new life to everyone on this earth, be it plants, trees, animals, birds or human beings, etc. Everyone waits for the rain after a long summer. The first rain of the season is, of course, a source of joy to us. Even many of us make a splash in the rain to get themselves relished. Sometimes those splashing raindrops can be very harmful too. There are some dos and don’ts on rainy days. But we tend to ignore that fact. And to stay clean and safe we must focus on some dos and don’ts on rainy days.

There is a popular nursery rhyme that comes here to our mind. That deserves to be to put here:

“Rain rain go away
come again another day
rain rain go away
little Johny wants to play…”

As we know in the rainy season the average temperature of the sun is reduced due to the shading effect of floating clouds. Sometimes there can be cool wind too. This cold temperature has the potential to weaken our immune system. Again when the raindrops hit the soil, it elevates bacteria and viruses from the ground up into the air, which can cause infections in us and can make us seriously ill. Hence, we must have to think about it and take some precautions. So that we can enjoy this beautiful season with a good spirit of mind and body.

Let’s have a look at some facts that can help us stay fit and fine in the rainy season:

What causes us to suffer on rainy days? 

Remaining wet for a long period:

It is perhaps the chief concern on a rainy day. We can get wet at any time easily and at some times that period can be longer. That makes us stay wet with our dresses and shoe, which results in inviting bacterial infections. We can easily catch a cold too.

Painful Headache:

Most of the time our head gets wet. It takes a lot of time for the hair to dry up. It can cause a severe headache particularly to those facing sinus issues. So try to restrain yourself from going outside when it is raining if it is not that much important.

Fungal Infection:

Another problem we face on rainy season is fungal infections on our feet due to constant touch with rainwater and mud. Sometimes there can be serious skin irritations and paining of toenails. Even our skins can get softer and peeled too. To read more about fungal infections such as Athelete’s foot, Ringworm and Jock itch etc. click here.

Driving on rainy days:

One of the most dangerous times to drive can be rain. Rain causes a thin layer of water on the road surface, which makes the oil and grease rise to the surface and make the road slippery. So try to avoid driving particularly in the first hour of the rain.

Street Foods:

The rainy days provide a conducive atmosphere for the breeding and growth of bacteria and microbes. Most of the street food vendors keep their food outside and use unsafe water too. It makes the food more prone to contamination. Hence how tastier the foods may appear to be, how strong urge from us to have it may be, we have to avoid them. Otherwise, we can fall prey to serious diseases like Indigestion, Typhoid, Dengue, etc.

 What to do in the rainy season?

  • Always carry an umbrella or raincoat with a dry handkerchief.
  • Collect weather updates ready on your smartphones.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly using hand washes or clean them with hand sanitizer.
  • Take proper nutrition. Intake foods rich in proteins and avoid open street foods.
  • Consume fresh vegetables and fruits along with herbs like Tulsi, Turmerics, Nutmegs (Jaiphal), Cloves (Lawang) and honey, etc.
  • Have some back-up clothes ready in your bag or at workplaces too.
  • Avoid outdoor sports and get engaged in indoor games like Chess, Chinese checkers, Ludo, Carom, etc.
  • Avoid personal vehicles especially bikes or scooters and use public transportation.
  • Enjoy music. Music is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to stay active on rainy days. Listen to your favorite romantic numbers and don’t forget to update your social media profile pics.

Hope these tips can help you enjoy this season without any trouble.

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