Presently, finding some simple things to do at home during the COVID-19 lockdown is the biggest question before most of us. Being confined at our homes in this complete lockdown period and unable to maintain our normal lifestyles, it seems life has thrown us back to some decades. The ever-increasing cases of testing positive for the pandemic Novel Coronavirus is creating havoc among us. In this article, I have focused on some simple things to do at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Lockdown in India:

The government of India has ordered a nationwide lockdown on 24th March as a preventive measure against the pandemic COVID-19. People are advised to stay at home and not to come outside at any cost. All types of preventive measures are being strictly employed and observed. The government is continuously appealing to the people neither to be panic nor to be casual with response to this Coronavirus outbreak. People are continuously advised and informed regarding the facts and figures.  However, they can come out for their essential needs like grocery staples, fuel and medicines.

Some simple things to do at home during the COVID-19 lockdown:

Below I am providing some issues, following which we not only can get rid of inactivity and boredom but also utilize this painful confinement into a productive one.

  • Following your Hobbies:

Enjoying music at home
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The best things in this lockdown period would be to stay at home and be engaged with your favorite hobbies like reading novels and magazines, painting, enjoying music, watching your favorite TV shows or blockbuster movies. If you have subscriptions on platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar and Voot, etc. then you too can enjoy a lot of trending web series on them.

  • Internet Browsing:

Utilize some time in browsing the internet for the latest news on various topics of your interest like politics, sports, medicines, science, technology & lifestyle, etc. You can search YouTube for the latest do it yourself (DIY) techniques for building, maintaining and repairing various useful household things and accessories like an expert.

  • Writing and Blogging:

If you love to write articles or blogs then this is the best time. You have adequate time to think and analyze. With no office tensions or less work pressures, you can devote more time to creative and quality writing. So, start writing, publish them and share them with the rest of the world.

  • Social Media Posting:

Lockdown provides plenty of time to use different social media sites liberally. Due to lockdown we are away from our workplaces, colleagues, friends, and relatives. It is the proper time to communicate with them over social media and instant messaging platforms. We can make use of conference calls and group video calling facilities too.

  • Stay away from fake posts and rumors:

fake news
Image by memyselfaneye from Pixabay

In the meantime, it is observed that some unsocial disturbing elements are posting fake rumors regarding the pandemic Coronavirus outbreaks. In some cases, they are trying to reveal the information of the infected patients. This is breaching of government norms in disclosing the privacy of others. The government has also warned not to blame any infected person or their families. If people will blame them and their families then there is a fear of hiding the facts by the suspected and potential patients.

We should be aware of such fake posts and rumors and restrain ourselves from spreading unverified and fake posts. We should only post or forward valuable and authentic posts.

  • Cooking:

Invest some time in the kitchen and try to prepare new and tasty dishes. If you are still premature in cooking then this is the best time to learn some basics and prepare your food. Watch popular TV channels like Food Food, Living Foodz, Fox Life, TLC, etc. A lot of awesome YouTube cooking channels are also there to assist you.

Man assisting in cooking
Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay

In this way, you can help your family at home. Even any small contribution from you can provide a great amount of relief to the increased burden of your mother or wife.  Again some cooking skills are always desirable, as it can reduce the pressure of depending on others.

  • Gardening:

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

If there is a garden at your place or even you have some plants in the balconies, then spare some time by looking after them. Spending time with plants and gardening can be very beneficial to many physical stress as well as psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, etc.

  • Spending time with children:

Playing with children at home
Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

If you are with your kids, then try to spend more time with them. Play with them. Get them engaged with creative learning like drawing, singing, and dancing, etc. In normal days we get less time to spend with our children due to work pressure at our offices or businesses. Children are very soft in their thought and need our love, care, support and guidance in a lot of things they do.

  • Practicing Yoga and Exercises:

home exercises
Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

This is the perfect time to think about and rejuvenate your health. Most of us think and plan about physical fitness, but couldn’t provide time to it due to workloads. This lockdown provides an opportunity to those.

  • Online Learning:

This lockdown brings a very good opportunity both for students and professionals. They can invest adequate time in learning new skills and techniques and increase their employability. There are a lot of online platforms like Linkedin learning, Google skillshop, Coursera, Upgrad, Udemy, Skillshare, Hubspot, etc.

Apart from these, there are a lot of other simple things to do during COVID-19 lockdown at our home. Let’s discover the creativity within you and turn out this lockdown into a more interesting and productive one.

Maintain Social Distancing:

Social distancing
Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

The main theme of this lockdown in fighting against pandemic Coronavirus outbreaks is Social distancing. We should stay at home and shouldn’t make any social gathering at our communities. We should spread awareness regarding social distancing and remain vigilant to others too. Prevention is better than cure.

Strict adherence to social distancing and isolation at our homes can prevent further spreading of this pandemic. On seeing symptoms related to Corona infection, we should immediately keep ourselves isolated and contact to the nearest doctor. The government has also issued public helpline numbers and we can use them too.


Finally, we all have realized that this virus can infect anyone on this earth. It sees no race, no religion, no wealth, no power, no big and no small. The whole of humanity is in danger. We can’t successfully combat this fight against pandemic Coronavirus by any weapons or missiles. We can win this fight by our patience and strong determination.

We all are soldiers in this fight and we must show our dedication and perform our duties from the core of our heart. For this, all of us must come forward and follow the government prescribed guidelines. We must stay at home and help in saving lives.


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Faculty in Management GHITM, PURI, ODISHA


  1. Dear Sribatsa,
    Your analysis of Covid-19 pandemic circumstance, suggested measures and home time pass out suggestions are good, however they do not cut through all social segments of India, as the vast majority of Indian population are still beyond the outreach of these articles, those are posted online for benefits of humankind.
    Even, still the majority of Indian population are not habituated of reading daily newspapers. And, by this, I not only mean the uneducated or semi-literate section of the Indian society, but in today’s context, a large portion of Indian population addicted to simple entertainment and lifestyle, turn away from real world serious issues, cutting across ages. Still a larger section of Indian population deliberately do not play a responsible citizen and are mostly individualistic, confined to their own world. A sensational news like this do draw their immediate attention but doesn’t hold for long.
    I don’t discourage you, but only want to convey that the impact of these sensitising articles are limited to a circle and that too for a small span of time.
    Sribatsa, if we really wish to do something meaningful, impactful with a lasting effect, we have to take this as a movement, where all of us have to join our hands and do it on a regular basis.
    See, whether it is this pandemic or any natural calamity or disaster, still the large portion of Indian population is dependent of government/private/NGO initiatives and infrastructure. However, for a hugely populated country like us, cannot afford to accommodate such a huge pressure, unless every citizen plays responsible equipping themselves much better prepared to face such eventualities.
    We need to train all our citizens from nursery ages, that we have roles to play in nation building. Our Constitution not only give us basic rights but also states about our duties towards the nation, that are not taught!
    Without civilised and developed nationals, how could we expect a developed Nation!
    Good habits are long term practice, it cannot be enforced. Sensitivity do not generate all on a sudden, it requires to be a part of training from tender age that then grow gradually with time, age and life experiences.

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